GP Prague 2018

GP Prague 2018

Once again donning my Registration Lead hat (metaphorically, as unfortunately CFBE don’t yet provide lead hats) it was a trip back to Prague. Always a highlight in my show calendar, I love travelling to the Czech Republic. It meets so many of my criteria for a great destination: cheap accommodation, cheap flights, great food and world class beer. It was for these reasons that I actually planned a few extra days tacked on to the beginning and end of my trip to chill out and take some time for myself.

Working events full time is simultaneously thrilling and exhausting. Travelling is hard work, even though you’re sitting and doing very little for most of the time. My diet and exercise routines are usually thrown out of the window on show weekends, which combined with the sedentary nature of scorekeeping and operations leading makes for a tough physical health battle and the mental side of the work can also take its toll. Having some time to relax is key to not burning out and when your travel is being subsidised there is much to gain from the extra day here and there.

On the topic of physical health, the temperature in Prague in the summer is surprisingly stifling. Within an hour of my shift start every day I was having to change my t-shirt due to the heat. Pair this with an extremely busy show and I must have shed a coupe of kilograms in sweat alone and barely done much to replace it with re-hydrating. Note to all those reading this – do not skimp on hydration. Make a plan, have a water bottle and force yourself to keep drinking. Your body will thank you for it.

In terms of the show itself, I don’t have a ton to write about. It was hard on a personal level as the heat was energy sapping and I really struggled to keep that from overwhelming me. I had a fantastic team, which made the weekend much easier and I want to thank them for their efforts especially as many of them were on their first show.

Applications for next year are coming out soon and this means I have some decisions to make regarding my future. Watch this space!

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