GP Madrid 2018

GP Madrid 2018

After the mania of London and the learning curve of Lyon, the Team Constructed GP in Madrid was a relatively tame affair. Three hundred teams turned up to battle with their Standard, Modern and Legacy decks in Spain’s capital. Team GPs present a unique challenge for those of us that work outside of the main event as they tend to attract a different crowd than the individual Grands Prix. This one was no different and we saw a very quiet weekend at the Side Events stage.

Once again, my role at this GP was as registration lead. My primary objective for the weekend was to solidify some of my ideas from Lyon and try and help future leads to better prepare for, and execute, the role. This plan was hindered somewhat by the general lack of players using registration. With only a little over three thousand interactions over the weekend it was tough to really test some of the new ideas I had hoped to trial to see if they made the difference I expected. This was certainly the most frustrating aspect of an otherwise positive show.

An area I have always struggled with is inter-personal relationships and managing people on the human level. One of the real upsides of a quiet GP is ample opportunity to talk to others and share experience, ideas and anecdotes. All of the members of my team were in their first show for CFBE on registration and this meant I was able to build those relationships through teaching and training, which is a part of managing and leading that I am much better at, which helped break down some of the barriers I usually encounter in these situations.

Friday was Team Trios Practice events instead of GP Trials (team events don’t have byes) and we were able to put some of the lessons we learned in Lyon into practice and we saw a huge difference in the number of queries coming from players. Unfortunately, we were also faced with having to cancel half of the practice events due to low player numbers.

Saturday and Sunday were very quiet days with little of note to talk about. A highlight was the staff party after the event where I drafted a super sweet Merfolk deck that was prevented from dominating the room due to a bout of sickness that meant I had to head home early.

I am scorekeeping at the next couple of shows so this was the last opportunity for me to work as registration lead for a while, this meant that a lot of the weekend was filled with taking notes for handover documents for Amsterdam.

This was the first show where I felt that I was a part of the leadership team for the event and ignited my desire to keep pushing myself to be a long term partner for CFBE and their shows around the world.

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