GP Copenhagen 2018

GP Copenhagen 2018

After the thrills and spills of my North American trip it was back to the European GP schedule with my very first trip to Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. This is also my penultimate show as a scorekeeper (GP Brussels is my last planned show in that role) before picking up as Reg Lead for a few shows.

I’ve been asked several times about which role I prefer and which role I see myself focussing on and my answer has always been that I enjoy both and I am happy to seen as a flexible resource for CFBE. I think the totally honest answer may well be that I prefer scorekeeping as a role but recognise that Reg lead is likely my ticket to longevity with CFBE. Scorekeeping fits my personality in that it is technical, solitary and crucial. Reg Lead is about people and service; I am not as effective in those areas, but I am very keen to develop in that area and I seem to do a good enough job that CFBE has struggled to cover me whilst I have been scorekeeping.

Unfortunately, in terms of reporting on my event, the whole weekend was marred by illness. I developed a really bad case of food poisoning on Thursday night and didn’t really recover until Sunday evening. I managed to make it through my shifts each day but they were honestly mostly a blur of bathroom dashes and intense mental focus to keep myself going.

The biggest lesson I took away from the show was through a new scorekeeper lead, Niko, who is usually the customer service manager for European shows but used to be a high-level scorekeeper. Seeing a brand new approach to scorekeeper leading was very interesting as most of the time the lead is very much attuned to delivering the best scorekeeping experience whereas Niko was very much about delivering the best customer experience. This means things like using headphones were no longer allowed, focus on speed and accuracy were increased and a more rigorous management style that left a little less flexibility for scorekeepers. I can imagine that some longer serving scorekeepers would have found this a little stifling, but I have to admit it worked and I certainly felt more connected to the service delivery side.

The highlight of this trip didn’t end up being the event, despite me being so desperate to end my scorekeeping stint on a high, but was down to me making Silver tier with Air France/KLM. Free luggage and access to Schiphol’s lounge is a big deal and certainly helps me make some bigger trips in the future.

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