GP Bologna 2018

GP Bologna 2018

Last time I out I promised a minute tracker for what Scorekeepers actually do but I drew the straw for the late shift in Bologna which meant most of my day is covering breaks and fighting fires. I am sure one of the shows in Birmingham, Toronto and Washington will give me the chance to go into the low level detail I know you all want.

GP Bologna is my first Italian show and the first time I’ve been back to the country since a few friends and I took a whistle stop tour of Venice, Verona and Milan after finishing university on our world tour of Europe. I love Italy for the food and wine and I was a little disappointed when the timings worked out that I would be arriving at midnight before my first shift and then leaving very early on Monday as it meant very little time for experiencing the local culture. Working the late shift in a Mediterranean country also means missing out on both lunch and dinner at any local eatery. Luckily for me there was a gelato stand in the venue so I didn’t completely miss out.

One of the benefits of the late shift is that if you’re willing to wake up at a normal time then you can normally squeeze in a draft before starting which I took ample advantage of as Dominaria seems like a really fun set so far. Playing at GPs is something I’ve gotten out the habit of having not taken part in one since GP Birmingham in Summer 2017. If you can fit it into your schedule I strongly recommend it to anyone on staff as it gives you a fantastic insight into what the players are experiencing – how tannoy announcements are coming across, how walking patterns are working in reality, whether the chairs and tables are up to standard etc.

My goals for this show were to learn the roles of some of the other parts of the scorekeeping team at GPs so that I can be more flexible in my own roles in the future. Scheduled Events and Trials/Practice Events are where most side event scorekeepers spend their time at GPs – these are Swiss and, for Trials, Single Elimination events run in Wizards Event Reporter (WER). WER for these is essentially the same as the version you may have used at FNM except you will often be running multiple events at once and the events themselves will often be several hundred players big. These events tend to fire every thirty minutes or so and the biggest challenge is entering the players for one event whilst managing the round turn around for another. The other big role at side events is On Demand Event scorekeeper whom used WER in a different mode and runs the 8-player single elimination events like drafts of various flavours. I didn’t get to spend as much time as I’d hoped shadowing this role but I was able to learn the basics, so I’m hoping I can get a chance to cover this role in future events.

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