GP Amsterdam 2018

GP Amsterdam 2018

GP Amsterdam was my second event as a scorekeeper and my first full weekend doing the role. I have to admit that despite having worked at GPs for the better part of four years now this was only the second time I’ve been to an event feeling nervous. This anxiety was part down to a lack of experience and part down to the fact that this was my first show as a full time event professional.

I recently left my regular job as a finance manager for a large multi-national telecommunications company due to redundancy. I am planning to take a few months away from the rat race to try and reset some stress levels and working events keeps a roof over my head whilst I do that. The downside is that performing well enough to keep on the gravy train is a real worry of mine.

Luckily, I seem to be doing something right as whilst I was waiting for the train to take me from Schipol airport to Amsterdam proper I had my applications for GPs in Toronto, Canada and Washington DC, USA accepted, both as scorekeeper. This news mostly dissipated the nervousness I was feeling and I arrived at my hotel feeling pretty good about the weekend.

I had some ideas about writing up a diary of a typical day as a scorekeeper but I quickly realised that those days don’t exist. I will include a minute tracker for Bologna so that I can share some insight into what scorekeepers actually do with their time. Half of what we do is hidden behind our gruff but friendly exteriors (your mileage on our emotional state might vary).

Unfortunately, I spent most of my time in Amsterdam being really sick so I wasn’t really able to do much outside of turn up to my shift and then sleep. This meant I was a little taken aback when I received some great feedback about my performance over the weekend. I felt that my overall ability is a little above baseline, but with some areas to work on (in particular my ability to read European handwritten numerals). I have some ideas on how to improve a few other areas too which mainly revolve around being better prepared for the event. I am really keen to try and attack Bologna with some confidence and see what I can do when not playing catch up all weekend.

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